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Bing Eating

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The Article that I choose to read was about Binge Eating and how it affects you. The article talked about three different things that relate to Binge Eating. The first subject that it talked about was what Binge Eating was. Binge Eating is exactly what it sounds like eating food in large quantities at one time in a very short period of time. In the article they also told us that even though many people don’t think about it being an eating disorder it is and it’s a becoming more and more common especially in women.

The second thing that the article talked about was why people Binge Eat. There are many reasons that a person may Binge Eat and that person may not even know that they are doing it. Some of the reasons that people Binge Eat are extreme dieting, depression trying to fill a void, and one of the most common one are doing it because they are bored. These are just some of the most common reasons that were found in people who Binge Eat.

The Final topic that they talked about in the article was how to prevent yourself from Binge Eating. There are many things that a person could do to help prevent themselves from Binge Eating. In order start this process they need to figure out the cause of why they Binge Eat and try to find an activity that they can do that will help them keep their mind off of eating. Another way that a person could help prevent themselves from Binge Eating it to get rid of all the food that they found comfort food and replace it with something healthy. The final thing that they talk about when trying to prevent yourself from Binge Eating is to make a day of the week and go treat yourself to something good and enjoy it instead of eating it because it's just there.

The final thing that they talked about in the article was how to stop yourself Mid Binge. When a person realizes that they are Binge Eating they should try to stop themselves and put away whatever they are eating and find something to do for about 20 minutes and do an activity such as going for a walk or even writing down their thought and way to help prevent this from happening again.

After taking the time to read the article I learned that Binge Eating is a diseases and that there are many people who suffer from it. Another thing that I learned is that there is help out there and many ways to find help if you are suffering from this disease.

When I saw this article I knew right away that this was the article that I was going to be talking about. I say this because when I was younger I suffered from Binge Eating and I thought that I would be able to relate to it and I did. What I took away from this article was that it's something that you need to take very serious and I was lucky that I was able to control it before it came out of hand. This article has influenced me to try and help people who might be struggling with this issue and tell them my story and help them find ways to cope with it and find way for them to stop.



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