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Bill Gates Accomplisments

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Bill Gates advanced the technology of all computers and software today. He became responsible for this when he was in school. At the age of 13, he wrote his first software program to play tic-tac-toe on. In 1975, he wrote the first versatile computer program, called Altair BASIC. A year later, he dropped out of Harvard and began writing Microsoft.

Bill Gates had started his own company called

What made Bill Gates so successful? He did grow up in a time of creative thinking and innovation. This gave him the opportunity to widen the horizons of technology. He was also an indifferent character because of his knowledge of computers. It placed him away from almost everyone else. He began being interested in computers when he was a little kid, wanting to create games to play, just like every other child. Gates was lucky that in his time there was no yet standardized computer software and was just waiting to be discovered; Gates unlocked that treasure.

Gates had donated much of his money to funds to help the poor/hungry. He was knighted in Great Britain for contributing to the needy. Bill Gates was not only the richest man in the USA, but also honored in other countries as well.

He had stuck with what he wanted to do. He decided to become a computer programmer and since he was dedicated as much as he was, he was able to make it happen and become one of the richest men in history, at such a young age also.

Bill Gates is such an inspiration because he influenced every person in the world. He was able to create software that has changed the ways of communication, as well as many other things.



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