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Jonathan Ortega




Mark 8:29

I chose to do the teaching of Matthew 5:43-48 because it spoke to me and was very peaceful. I chose this specific verse because this chapter talks about learning and loving your enemies. This may sound a bit odd because ordinary people wouldn’t love their enemies. In the eyes of Jesus and God they want us to be loving with everyone and respect them. If there is a reason we don’t like that person for a specific reason they believe we should pray for them so they can be in peace. This chapter really captivates our world as it is right now because there is so much hatred due to labels, life choices, and so much more. In our society, everybody judges people for the way they are and there is so much hate in our world and some people don’t even realize they are doing it. For Example, when you are driving on the freeway and someone cuts you off or almost crashes you. As a normal human being, you get mad because they cut you off but you don’t realize your showing hatred over that person in the vehicle but we are supposed to love one another. Adding on to the reasons , people in our society like to judge people based on life choices. Nobody is perfect in this world. We all make mistakes because we are humans. Plenty of people mess up on a daily and in some cases people tend to hold people accountable depending on how much they messed up and instead of helping they judge. In the eyes of Jesus he would want us to pray for them and help them as well.  I believe in this chapter because Matthew talks about Jesus teaching because they want everyone to love one another like it should be in Gods eyes he wants everyone to be in peace. This teaching revels that Jesus is a peaceful and pure and wants everyone to feel the same he is feeling by teaching everyone he meets to be peaceful. Jesus was portrayed as a leader and was followed by many men and they respected him, looked up to him and loved him.

I chose this chapter because Jesus did a wonderful kind of act and opened people’s eyes and showed what he was capable of. Luke described “In that hour he healed many people of diseases and plagues and evil spirits, and on many who were blind he bestowed sight. 22 And he answered them, “Go and tell John what you have seen and heard”(Luke 7:18-23). Jesus showing his power and gift is significant about this claim. Jesus wants the whole world what he is capable of . In addition to that I believe Jesus wanted to help people that were suffering to give them hope and give them faith and hope .



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