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Beyond the Physical Realm

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Thomas Dolgos



Dr. Dennis Tishken

Beyond The Physical Realm

What lies beyond sight, sound, touch and smell? One way to understand this is through Revelations, which is translated as pulling back the curtain. The scope of this book tilted Journey of Souls, written by Michelle Newton PH.D., is the definition of revelation. This book allows the reader to go on a journey which transcends time and space. Michelle Newton accomplishes this by retelling the personal accounts of his patients; as they undergo the process known as past life regression. Through this book, one is able to see through their eyes, as they make their trek to an alternate dimension. This book gives a refreshing look in to what ones soul may experience in three different phases of existence including Death, the next world and rebirth.

Step one, the soul's separation from the body. It seems most souls have a sense of peace when they leave their body, unless they died tragically, in which case they may choose to linger near their body. This may explain the personal accounts of those who claim to witness apparitions. As one of Michelle Newton's patient's travel away from their body, we read of the preverbal white light; which beckons this displaced soul home. Yet, as we read we find some soles are hesitant about going in to the light, while other accounts recall moving so quickly they practically materialize in to the light. The light seems to be a gateway to another reality. A place souls need to go after the world, in order to heal and learn form their interaction and experiences on earth.

Step two, souls return to their origin. As the souls travel in the light, they may cross paths with old friends from their last life or from many life times ago. In either case, these kindred spirits are something like soul mates. These soul mates may simply interact or even live together as relatives in any countless number of lifetimes. According to this book all souls travel to an area in the spirit world which Michelle Newton refers to as "orientation."(NM) This is a place where the souls once again acclimate to the life after death. Next souls are gathered in to "soul groups," and made to convene before a "Council of Elders." (NM) The Councils purpose is to make the souls aware of how they fulfilled their life goals and lessons. This review is done in a none judgmental way. This process is an "examination rather then a prosecution;" this is for the personal incite and growth for the returning soul. Next, the returning soul is placed into groups according to soul's development level. There are three basic groupings, beginner, intermediate and advanced souls. The more advanced souls serve as guides and therapists to the less experienced. They help the young souls come to terms with and heal form their past lives, and assist in preparing students for the next life. The guides as well as other members of the "souls cluster" (NM) often choose lives together as relatives and/or close friends on earth.

Step three, coming full circle. Once the souls have re-acclimated to their home, they may have no immediate



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