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Essay Preview: Bereavement

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Death, to me is such a distant idea, because I have never been close to anyone that has died. In the culture and age that I personally grew up in, death was only for the old (ageism). I chose this topic because death is the unknown and the final journey, and I wanted to research how people cope with death. Although, I have never experienced grief and loss due to death writing this paper was an emotional experience.

Grief and Loss

According to many of the resources I checked out while writing this paper, everyone shows grief in different ways. Grief is a normal process when losing a loved one. The best way to cope is talking about your feelings with people who care about you and will not judge you. Many people who experience grief feel alone, as though no one can understand what they are feeling and experiencing. Some people are shocked at the death of a loved one; some are numb without any expression, while others cry openly. Some people feel that it is better to talk about their emotions with someone outside of their community of family and friends because the world expects them to "get over it".

I have read many articles written by the survivors of untimely death. Many of the articles were filled with despair and depression. They talk of loneliness and pain, guilt and anger. God or a higher being, family and friends have proven to be a powerful source of comfort to so many grieving people. All of my resources agree that there are stages to the bereavement process.

The most difficult for many is the continuation of life for the survivor and being able to live with the memories of their loved one. The usual routine is broken and living in the same house that held of those memories are very painful to the survivor. Although the life of the loved one is over a new life must start for those who have been left behind. The adjustment phase is a difficult one.


There are countless options for people who are suffering the death of a loved one. There are support groups online and the community. Counselors and therapists are available to talk about the loss and there are hotlines for survivors. There is so much material on this subject, so many people hurting and missing those who once filled their days with joy, but there is hope out there and grieving people can live a happy life after the death of a loved one.




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