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Benjamin Franklin

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Of men we label our Founding Fathers Benjamin Franklin stands elevated amongst a small group. Franklin was able to use his negotiation skills to serve his countrymen. His position in the American Revolution can be best seen and heard about in the halls and staterooms of governments (Isaacson 4). Benjamin Franklin's image of politics, and his talent in negotiating and writing, helped him to mold the potential of the United States. His main accomplishment was signing all four of the major documents that made it possible for America to gain independence. The four documents signed by Franklin were, Declaration of Independece,1776, Treaty of alliance,1778, Treaty of Paris,1783, and the Constitution of the United States,1787. The following will discuss the life, influence and role of Benjamin Franklin in the American Revolution.

As a business man in 1727, Benjamin Franklin formed a club with ten of his smartest acquaintances called the Junto (Isaacson 28). The club met most Friday nights to read books, debate politics, discuss morals, and drink beer. Franklin used the Junto to influence opinion and promote public projects. By this method he was able to form the first volunteer fire department. The Junto club was a great success for Franklin and was a huge beginning for him. This club was Franklin's first foray into politics and social reforms. It was the Junto and small reforms such as the volunteer fire department that would gain Franklin political influence and ultimately capture Franklin into the American Revolution.

Another early accomplishment of Franklin's came in 1753 King George III gave Ben Franklin the job of overseeing the postal system in all thirteen colonies. As a postmaster, Franklin traveled across the thirteen colonies, providing him with new knowledge. These travels shaped Franklin's vies. As he traveled he didn't see each colony as an individual, he saw it as one country- America. In 1754 a plan for "common inter colonial defense" (Isaacson 56) was seriously needed. Each colony sent a representative to New York to think of a plan. Franklin was chosen as the representative of Pennsylvania. He took many great ideas with him to the convention including a plan called, The Albany Plan of Union which created a government and a grand council made of members chosen by each colony's assembly. Ben Franklin's plan failed. Colonists believe it took away too much of their local control,



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