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Benito Juarez

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Benito juarez

To talk about Juarez in Mexico is almost to talk about Lincoln in the United States, consider one of the most important heroes in Mexico, like the Indian who became president after defeating Porfirio Diaz from his dictatorship

Born in a town named San Pablo Gualatao in the state of Oaxaca Mexico on the 21st of March 1806( while in his childhood he worked with a book binder who took a strong linking to the Indian boy and adopted him ( he graduated from the Oaxaca seminary and decided to pursue his education in law ( he became judge in 1841 then qualified to enter a local law office, but as the legal profession was overcrowded( by 1947 he had being elected as governor of the state of Oaxaca ( as governor of his home state Juarez fought to established a balance economy and made possible a lot of public works (

Revered by Mexicans as one of the grates political figures ( Mexican liberal statesman and national hero ( Juarez helped people when they had no power to express their opinions neither select public officers ( Benito Juarez is considered one of the most beloved leaders of Mexico ( as one of the most popular Heroes from the Mexican history ( and one of the most important liberals of Mexico ( Juarez reform laws that today had not changed and maybe will not change for many years (

In 1853 the conservatives took power in Mexico and many liberals were exile including Juarez which Juarez had a main position ( in 1855 the liberals won the elections and Juarez returned from his exile as minister of justice ( after the exile Juarez returned to Mexico to work in the “plan of Ayutla” in the revolution that overdrew Santa Anna ( After overdrawing Santa Anna from the power Juarez faced other difficulties, like the intervention of of France in to Mexico ( in January 1861 the conservatives lost power, and Juarez Became president (

Juarez one major victory was to take off the privileges of the church and the army. ( he also proclaimed the constitution of his home state in 1857( in 1855 came president of he nation. From 1857 to 1872 juarez succesfuly defended his government against conservatives opponents in the war of the reform ( while in is period of president he also organized the economy ( in 1872 after the reform war the Mexican people re-elected Juarez as president (

Because all of actions Juarez’ legacy is all over the country and now in days he is remembered as being a progressive reformer dedicated to democracy, equal rights for the nation's indigenous Indian population, lessening the great power that the Roman Catholic Church then held over Mexican politics, and defense of national sovereignty . And just because of that Juarez got the title of "BenemÐ"©rito de las AmÐ"©ricas" ("the meritorious one of the Americas") by the government of Colombia, on May 1, 1865. The Congress of Colombia proclaimed in such date: "The Congress of Colombia, in the name of the people it represents, and facing the unselfishness and the undeniable perseverance that SeÐ"±or Benito JuÐ"ÐŽrez, in his role of constitutional President of Mexico, has launched towards



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