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Benchmark - Gospel Essentials

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Name: Jeremiah Price

Course: CWV101

Date: February 6, 2018

Instructor: Jacob Hicks

Benchmark - Gospel Essentials

During this paper we will examine the Christian worldview and the essentials to the doctrine of the worldview will be communicated. The importance of key components of the worldview will be examined and discussed so they it may be clear what drives the Christian faith. If Gods role in the Christian faith, Humanity and its purpose in God’s plan, Jesus and his role, the restoration and its need can be accurately exposed and made clear, then the Christian worldview under God can accurately be relayed for many more to understand and hopefully come closer to our creator and father in Heaven.


In the Christian worldview people believe God is exceptional, discrete, and different from any other God of other religions. God includes the Trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Three of them have the same power and three is united in one. God is the endless being who created the Heavens and the Earth and everything in between. God gave us the Breath of Life and his infinite love. God loved his creation so much he sent his one and only son Jesus Christ, to live on Earth and teach us about Gods word. Jesus dedicated his life here on Earth to the teachings his Father in Heaven wanted him to relay to mankind. Gods love, grace and never-ending desire to be close with man propelled the Christian worldview and gave a foundation for all mankind to stand firmly and peacefully on.


Humanity is a mankind or quality of human being. From humanity or human being, we can differentiate people from other being. It does not mean that an individual owns humanity is called being human. In dictionary, human nature reflects the physical characteristics, thinking, acting, feelings, and behaviors of humanity that shared by people. In the Bible, human nature is that which marks us noticeably human. The difference between human nature and animals is that we can feel and have critical thinking, and our capability to reason. God created human by his attribute and give us the Breath of Life which is a specific present that no other creature can have it. Therefore, the purpose of human is loving God with all our heart, our soul and all our mind. Then, people should love their neighbor as themselves. Beside the purpose, mankind also has the root cause of sin which is the human problem. Sins are opposite to godliness and morality. Sin is a break of relationship through noncompliance. Sin is a bad behavior; it isolated people from God. By sins, people cannot be in the holy presence of God as well as participate in the right relationship with Him. Through the Bible’s viewpoint, problems erupted through sin are contributed by ignorance.


Jesus Christ. This is probably the most powerful name in the history of history, but for the Christian worldview it is so much more than a name. Jesus is the sole path for a person, no matter their color, gender, background, good deeds or sins, to be able to make it to Heaven according to the Christian worldview. Jesus came from heaven and sacrificed himself for the payment of every person ever to exist and for the salvation of their sins. Through Jesus mankind can be forgiven for their sins on Earth and for their denial of God during their time on Earth. Once an individual accepts Jesus as their personal lord and savior and that he died on the cross for their sins, they then have the grace and forgiveness of God.


According to the Christian worldview, mankind’s salvation lies in the hand of Jesus and the sacrifice he made for us. The love and grace that God has for his creation and all mankind has always been real and never-ending. However, once sin entered the world through the downfall of man in the Garden of Eden, God had to give mankind a way to be forgiven and make our way back to Heaven. So, God sent his only son Jesus down to save us. Through the commandments Jesus set out for all mankind Christians have a blue print as to how they are expected to treat one another as well as everyone around them. Christians are called to hold themselves to a higher tougher standard amongst society and lead by example through the morals and behavior expected and lived by Jesus. Self-transformation happens through self-awareness of Jesus as your lord and savior and living a life dedicated to bringing more people to his word.



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