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Bench Marking Kxtn and Keda

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Essay Preview: Bench Marking Kxtn and Keda

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KXTN 107.5 and KEDA 1540

Univision Radio is a station that has been 100,000 watts since 1992. Its key members include different shifts of the radio station that has made KXTN a number station competing with other genres of music like country, classic rock and Rap/Blues. Tichenor Corporation made an excellent effort of promoting the station into the Mexican market by demolishing competitors like 94.1 KRIO back in 1996. Soon after the competitors decided to step back after KXTN had all the numbers, Tichenor Corporation decided to sell.

Well it was no secret that Tichenor had spent several dollars on promotions all over San Antonio and the surrounding areas grabbing accounts left and right to take away from major competitors and begin covering outside of the San Antonio area like Austin, San Marcos, Kerrville, Hondo and many more small towns. KXTN became a powerhouse and totally sealed all major events and accounts. KXTN took over and was in high demand by taking local car dealership accounts, Bar and club scenes, creating marketing approaches to the “working women’s Wednesdays” and happy hours that overwhelmed the Bexar county audience by enchanting the demographics of this town. After the Tichenor Corporation build a huge monster into the Hispanic market, Univision Radio decided to buy it from the market and take it over the exact way they left it.

How this company relates to the global communication scenario is that Univision was doing all its production in house by the productions manager and production assistants. All Personalities had great salaries and were producing serious numbers for the company. Univision decided to cut all costs and downsize in order to save money. There were a total of 18 people let go, all in one day. No notification was given to anyone but the program director. The program Director was sent to school in Los Angeles and eventually became the Operations Manager for 12 of their Regional Stations. All jocks were let go except for the main morning Jock that held a profitable rating book. That morning jock was promoted to program director, the whole (6) production team was let go and they started having an outside source do all productions. Some sales managers were promoted and 4 sales staff were let go. The graveyard shift was automated and there was no jock running that shift. The other 4 shifts were replaced by either interns that were already working at the station and were hired for the minimum amount, probably hourly. The two other morning jocks were never replaced till here recently and the traffic and news was being outsourced to another production company.

You could definitely hear the difference in the radio station but the music was still the same so the public really never could relate to the change. The key stakeholders for KXTN are Jonny Ramirez, Jason Meza, Abby C, Tina C, Bobby Delagarza and Ale Mendez.

KEDA Radio 1540

KEDA radio has been a family owned station for 40 plus years in the San Antonio Market. KXTN and KRIO have been known as their main competitors but for



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