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behavior is any action that other people can oberve, cognitive are private mental processes/5 goals- observe describe explain predict control/clinical psychologist-helps people with psychological problems/counseling-help people with small non serious psychological problems/school psychologist-identifies students with problems/why is aristotle important-he argued that people are motivated to seek pleasure&avoid pain/know thyself-plato/introspection- examination of ones own thoughts&feelings/structuralism-wilhelm wundt, the school of psycholgy founded by wundt that maintains the conscious experience breaks down into sensations&feelings/functionalism-william james,mental processes help organisms adapt to their environment/behaviorism-john b watson-defines psychology as scientific study of observable behavior/B.F. skinner-famous for introducing reinforcement/gestalt-baded on the idea that perception are more then the sums of there parts/psychoanalysis-sigmund freud,emphasizes the importance of unconscious motives and internal conflicts in determining human behavior/biological perspective-emphasizes the role played by thoughts in determining behavior/humanistic perspective and how this type of psychologist would treat a patient-stresses the human capacity for self-fulfillment&the impotance of conscious self awareness&the capacity to make choices/psychoanalytic perspective- stresses the influences of unscious forses on human behavior/learning perspective-emphasises the effects of experience on behavior/sociocultural perspective-address such issues as ethnicity gender culture socioeconomic status/steps of scientific method-research question,hypothesis,test,analyse,draw conclusion/

placebo effect- expectations affecting what happens to us/central nervous system-brain and spinal cord/peripheral system-nerve cells/neuron-nerve cells that communicate w/ eachother/synapse-junction between axon terminals of one neuron&the dendrites of another neuron/neurotransmitters- chemical messenger that carries impulses across

the synaptic gaps between neurons/autonomic system-heartbeat breathing/thalmus-controls sensory stimulation/hypothalamus-regulates body temps,storage of nutrients&various aspects of motivation/amygdala-moral&ethnical decisions(super ego)/ ID-hypothalamus ego-thalamus s ego-amygdala/EEG-electroencephalogram,shows brain waves/MRI-magnetic resonance imaging,place person in strong magnetic field,shows



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