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Behavior Observation Report

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Behavior Observation Report 2

TOPIC #1: Autonomy

SUBJECT & SETTING: I was observing my nineteen-month-old nephew, Aaron, interacting with his mother in the kitchen.

OBSERVATIONS: It was 8:30 in the morning when my nephew was put on the high chair. Every morning, Aaron's mom makes him his favorite breakfast food, Cheerios and milk. This day was different than any other day because while watching his mom open a new box of Cheerios, Aaron starts to bounce up and down and tells her, "Me! Me! Me!" His mom ignored him and continued to pour Cheerios in his bowl. When she turned around and was about to get the milk in the refrigerator, I saw Aaron trying to push his bowl off of the table. I tried to do something about it, but it already hit the floor. Juvy, Aaron's mom, grabbed a broom and swept it across the floor. Couple of minutes later, Juvy grabbed the box of cereal and just before she poured it in the bowl, Aaron, again, starts to bounce up and down and tells her, "Me! Me! Me!" Juvy finally realized what he was trying to tell her; he wanted to pour the cereal in his bowl. Juvy, at first, was hesitant to give Aaron the box because he might make a bigger mess, but she tried to help him pour it, but he kept pushing her hands away so she asked him, "Do you want to pour the cereal in your bowl or do you want me to do it?" Aaron said, "Aaron." Aaron poured the cereal carefully in his bowl and started eating them. After he put it in his mouth, he began clapping like the food tasted better.

RESPONSE: From the observation, I saw Aaron's sense of autonomy emerges. He was trying to show his mom that he can pour the cereal in the bowl all by himself without her help. I could also see how happy he was when he achieved his goal by means of clapping. His mother, on the other hand, was creating an "illusion of control." Even though Aaron pushed her hands away, she was still looking out for him just in case he spilled all over. I also observed that by saying "Me! Me! Me!" and by saying his own name his sense of awareness occurred.

OPINION: During this critical period of changes, I saw, personally, a child's autonomy need to control. I agree with the studies that as autonomy need emerges, there will be a universal and life long struggle because both (mother and child) have their own autonomy need. I also thought that by offering him more options help him more in control.

TOPIC #2: Early Adolescent Cognitive Changes (Self-Consciousness)



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