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Beatles Breakup

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Is there truly one reason why the Beatles broke up? Unless the person who is asked this question loathes a certain female, Japanese, avant-garde artist, then the answer is NO. It should be noted that it is unlikely that one person was capable of splitting one of the most influential groups of the modern era, one that was all for one and one for all. There are many factors that can be blamed on the Beatles breakup, which can be followed in this brief outline:

1. The decision to stop touring. Although this allowed their studio creativity to blossom, it also distanced them from performing together at the same time. The availability of overdubbing and studio trickery allowed them to grow as individual songwriters, as opposed to how it was in their earlier years when they played together to “finish the song and move onto the next.”

2. The death of manager Brian Epstein. With no one to look over the Beatles interests and finances, the band was now without a guide and left to take on the world by themselves. This caused added business problems, pressure and frustration when the Beatles tried to accomplish anything outside of making music, whether it be movies, record labels, or contract negotiations. And with no one to mediate between them, the Beatles often took these frustrations out on each other.

3. Personal lives. The Beatles getting older meant that they were ready to have more personal lives, such as getting married and starting a family. During the early days they would often dedicate most of their time to their band and music. Now they wanted to focus more on their lives than being a Beatle, which at one point started to feel like a job rather than enjoyment.

4. Different musical directions. As the Beatles matured with their songwriting ability, they began to drift apart when it came to working on songs together. One member would want one thing while the other wanted something else. These types of arguments started to become more frequent and led to some of them briefly quitting the group.

So truthfully, one single thing cannot be responsible for the breakup of the powerhouse that is the Beatles. Time and influences simply took its toll, and not even the best of us can be immune to that.



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