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Autonomous Food Serving Robert

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e-Yantra Ideas Competition- 2018

Title:   Autonomous Food Serving Robot


Now a days there is a need of good service in the hotels for serving food & drink to the customers but due to the lack of good service or waiting for service, customers are going toward such hotels where service is good. These shortcomings can be handled by using an “autonomous food serving robots” for serving food and beverages to the customers which consume less time and done work with accuracy and minimize manpower.


When customers going in restaurant faces many problem like the unavailability of waiters, waiting for service, self service, treatment as per their economical level by waiters .To overcome these problems “Autonomous Food Serving Robot” is the best solution for hotels & restaurants . It consumes less time & minimizes cost of labours also customers getting attracted towards such hotels where service is good & waiters are robot.

The overview of this project is like that, “The customer enters their choice of order in digital menu bar fixed on the table this order is send wirelessly to the kitchen, reception & robot memory. Robot checks the entered order of customer in its memory if it is any drink then robot will automatically pick that drink from storage & put on tray and serve to the respective customer. If order is any recipe then robot serves it after the dish is ready in the kitchen.”

Literature Survey/Prior Artwork:

There were several research related to this. In the paper by Sakari Pieska, Juhana Jauhiainen, Markus Liuska, Antti Auno has propose that the customer‘s application works on an Android tablet. Another paper by Tan-Hsu Tan, Ching-Su Chang, and Yung-Fu Chen has proposed an intelligent e-restaurant for customer centric service. This system provides an online menu ordering and reservation-making process, and also personal menu recommendation service.  The waiter uses digital menu bar to take orders from the customer and with the use of wireless network order is send to the kitchen.  

Problem Statement:

The problem faces by the customer in restaurants like waiting for service, unavailability of waiters and inequality as per their economical level. Also the problem related with manual bill making overcome because the orders enter by customers in digital menu bar is converted into digital format so it is easy to make computerized bill & keep records of customers with date & time.

Hardware requirements:

  1. Servo motors (for robotic arms) .
  2. Fire Bird V Robot .
  3. Development boards like Arduino Uno or Mega.
  4. Wireless modules (Bluetooth or Wi-Fi).
  5. etc.

Software requirements:

1)  AVR Studio.

2) Arduino IDE.


The hardware implementation of this project is divided into three parts as:

 [pic 1]

[pic 2][pic 3]

  1. Robot Assembly :

This is hardware part of food serving robot includes servo motors arm arrangement fixed on wheeled robot.

  1. Robot Navigation System :

This part provide a navigation for  robot to run from kitchen to the dining tables and give current position of robot (Black Guided Lines.) .

  1. Hotel Prototype :

This part includes all the  infrastructure of hotel like entrance, exit, reception counter cash counter & dining tables etc.

 Robot assembly :  

Robot assembly  is further divided into three parts as shown below:

[pic 4]

1)  Locomotion Base :

This is motion part of robot having  two d.c. geared motors with wheels fixed at metal chassis.

2) Processing Unit :

This unit control overall processing of the robot including  motion of d.c motor , navigating  robot & movement of robotic arms.

3) Robotic Arms :

 Robotic arms are use to pick-up the food from the kitchen & place the it on the dining table in front of customer.


The working of this project starts when the customer enters in the hotel they goes on reception counter first where the available dining table provide for the customer. After that they will go to the respective dining table & sits on the chairs. Further working of the system model  are explain with the help of  figure shown below.



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