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Automated Clothesline System

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Automated Clothesline System

People often forget to lift the suspension of clothing during the day rain. For people who working, they don’t have to worry about their clothes that have been dried outside. People often don’t have time to manage their routine. This project develop for working couple, it is hard to find time to have laundry day where the cloth is dried through the whole day because the weather can change from sunny to rainy days. This projects use Microcontroller PIC 16F877 to install all program that will give instructions to conduct this system properly and will automatically retrieve-out the clothes when it is the sunny day and oppositely retrieve-in the clothes when it is a rainy day. This part needs DC motor to convert electrical power into mechanical power for retrieve-out and retrieve-in all the clothes. Temperature sensors that use in this project can measure temperature and day condition whether it is sunny or rainy day more accurately and wind sensor to detect on how the wind is strong. LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) sensors use to detect light. Rain detector use to sense whether it rain or not at outside by detecting rain water from impedance sensor locate at the rod.  Wind sensor to detect the wind. The dry-time of the clothes will be setup using push button and it will automatically retrieve-in the clothes using DC motor when the dried-time is finished. For status display, this project will be display the day condition, temperature and dry-timer using LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) or indicator lights such as LED (Light Emitting Diode).



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