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Audio/video Distributed System

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Imagine a scenario where you are enjoying your favorite blockbuster on your high definition television, comfortably perched on your living room couch. Suddenly out of the blue your door bell rings. The security camera sitting atop your door scans the image of the person standing at the door and sends the image to your living room, which is immediately displayed on your TV screen. ItÐŽÐ--s that salesman again who keeps on bugging you for things you donÐŽÐ--t want. You send a voice message for the salesman (ЎИGet LostЎЙ seems to be most appropriate) on the microphone. The speakers attached to the entry door play the message and the salesman goes back looking grim. And you get back to your favorite video. All this without leaving the comfort of your couch.

Or, a scenario where you, sitting in your room, browse the sound tracks stored in systems all across your house in different rooms and play them on the speakers in your room. Without moving your bum!

The above scenarios may sound like scenes from the latest sci-fi directed by Spielberg. But the technology to make this dream come true is here now and will be available in your homes sooner than later.

The need of the hour is to get connected. Not only with your home, but also, within your home. Homes are getting bigger and better, and the number and variety of entertainment devices within your home are ever increasing. How many times have you felt the need to have greater connectivity among your favorite media devices distributed across your home? Probably, the answer will be, countless.

AVDS (Audio Video Distributed System) is a technology, which helps in realizing your dreams and makes your precious home, smarter and more secure. When every electronic device in your home, whether it is for entertainment or security, is connected to every other, the only thing that stops you is your own imagination.

The basic technology working behind the scenes for AVDS is Gigabit Ethernet network, with access points all across the house. There are three blocks of AVDS architecture: Media Lynx, Switch Lynx and View Lynx

· Media lynx has the capability to accept video, audio, IR and RS232 inputs from the electronic devices and sending the data over the Ethernet network to different modules either individually or simultaneously.

· Switch Lynx is the



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