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Attacked the French Colonists

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In November 29, 1729, the Natchez people attacked the French colonists. It was cruel and catastrophic. This was because the Natchez people and the French people used to live together in the Louisiana Colony for more than decade prior to the incident. The Natchez Massacre or the Natchez revolt occurred because the French colonial commandant, Sieur de Chepart, ask the Natchez leader for a land from a Natchez village near Fort Rosalie. The Natchez people killed many Frenchmen, which were approximately 230 colonists, and the fort and houses were destroyed and burnt.

Later, when the French heard about what was going on between the Natchez people and the other French people, they feared and concerned whether the Natchez people was going to ask other tribes for a help. However, Perier warned other tribes by killing Chaouchas tribe, and Choctaw Indians was sent against the Natchez people in February 1730. They helped many captives and invest the fortified village. The Natchez were able to fight for a year until they were attacked once again.

The Natchez massacre affected the Louisiana colony for a long time. The attack on Fort Rosalie destroyed some of the farms in the Louisiana colony, damaged to shipments of food, and disturbed trading goods on the Mississippi River. As a result, the French state gave the crown the right to control Louisiana, as the French West India Company had been having troubles running the colony because of its aftermath.



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