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Assignment on Finding of Agriculture Based Finance

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                                       EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

Bangladesh Bank, the central bank of Bangladesh has come out of conventional central banking role, reorienting its stewardship towards developmental central banking while preserving its mandated prime objective of price and financial stability. Financial Inclusion is a tool for promoting social inclusion and empowerment of the underprivileged segments of population. On 2nd November 2010 Bangladesh Bank introduced “School Banking” Program. All the banks have been instructed for introducing a special product – “School Banking” accounts for the school going children. On 28 October 2013 “School Banking Guidelines” was issued to make the “School Banking” Program more effective and user friendly. With the country knowing identity, school banking services started by Eastern Bank Limited with high ambition to enriched student’s money management skill as well as to develop economic condition through involvement in banking activities.

The report mainly focuses on the present scenario of school banking policy practiced by scheduled banks in Bangladesh. The study is mainly based on primary and secondary data highlighting the school banking policy formulation and governance as well as different school banking activities generated by our commercial banks.

The purpose of our study is aimed to have clear knowledge about financial inclusion regarding school banking in Bangladesh with present status and prospects. Highlighting the historical background of school banking, we have moved on to explore its system in Bangladesh as well as law regarding this also. Considering present status and prospects of school banking in Bangladesh, we have showed the activities of commercial banks regarding school banking. Finally after analysing the benefits of school banking, we have shown some graphical and statistical presentation along with some suggestions regarding future aspects of school-banking.




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