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Assignment for Promotion of Productivity

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Essay Preview: Assignment for Promotion of Productivity

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Assignment for Promotion of Productivity


        Productivity is the key to sustainable competitiveness and prosperity of any nation. In the current gloomy global economic concept, it is imperative that Mauritius wins on the productivity front. The Productivity promotion board is the government agency responsible to raise awareness of the importance of productivity and engage the society in adopting the productivity mindset.

The purpose of this report is to produce a marketing communications report that highlights the different communication requirements and the communication mix available to the marketer.

The partnering of stakeholders with the productivity Promotion board to enhance the productivity movement is essential. The support of stakeholders across all sectors in the economy and the society at large in the diffusion of the idea of productivity and sharing their positive experiences with productivity gains will significantly contribute towards a more efficient and effective Mauritius.

Many companies are using integrated marketing communications (IMC); because they need a more effective and efficient way of communications with their customers. It is believed that IMC help them to build customer relationship and therefore create profitable brands. (Duncan, 2002)

The corporate objectives set for the next year are:

  1. To make Mauritius win on the productivity front in the current gloomy global economic context.
  2. To have the support of the stakeholders across all sectors in the economy and the society at large to diffuse the idea of productivity and sharing their positive experiences with productivity gains.
  3. To put the citizen’s benefits from productivity at the heart of the campaign

The marketing objectives for the next year are:

  1. To promote the concept of productivity
  2. To raise awareness of the importance of productivity and engage the society in adopting the productivity mindset.
  3. To make productivity so simple, clearly understood and attractive that everyone would want to engage in the productivity movement.


To promote productivity amongst the various public, we have been asked to prepare a marketing communications plan, which must include the following elements:

  1. A contextual analysis including the current analysis of the current external and internal factors affecting the marcom strategy.
  2. A one-year marcom plan for the promotion of productivity  

According to the latest “Digest of Productivity and Competitiveness Statistics” released by Statistics Mauritius in July 2012, the growth rate of the economy for 2011 was 4.0%,  lower than the growth of 4.2 % registered in 2010.

Labour productivity, defined as real GDP per worker grew at a higher rate of 3.7% in 2011 compared to 1.9% in 2010.

On the other hand, capital Productivity, defined as real GDP per unit of capital registered a drop of 0.8% in 2011. (National Productivity and Competitiveness Council, 2012)

Context analysis (Task one)

A contextual analysis is defined as follows,

    "The purpose of compiling a context analysis is to determine and understand the key [business] marketing and communications drivers which are likely to influence (or are already influencing) a brand (or organisation) and either help or hinder its progress towards meeting its long term objectives" C.Fill Marketing Communications (p620)

This analysis is segmented into four major variables, these being customer context, business context, internal context and external context. Due to customer context and business context not being applicable in this case, we will analyse only the internal and external context so as to be able to achieve our corporate and marketing objectives.

The information of the context analysis can be gathered into the SWOT analysis, where all the factors are seen at a glance. At the SWOT analysis strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threads of the current situation are summarized.

Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors while opportunities and threads are external factors. Company and product analyses are included into internal factors, and segments, competitors and environmental context are external factors.

Internal Context


  • Personal: loyalty, diligence, teamwork, ambition, commitment, analytical ability, creativity, honesty, sport, study, teaching
  • Skills: technical ability, educational qualifications, courses completed, product knowledge, licenses held, maths ability
  • Creativity: ability to come up with new ideas in your area of responsibility, or the ability to put them into practice
  • Relationship: with particular clients or sectors, with suppliers, colleagues, management, family


  • Poor administration skills: disorganisation, laziness, lack of commitment, difficulty with certain types of people
  • Personal habits: lateness, not looking after your health, untidiness, being short-tempered, lack of personal care
  • Lack of skills: areas of performance which would improve with more training; are you simply unable to perform certain functions because you are not trained in them;

External Context

PEST analysis is an effective way to analyse external impacts on productivity. This requires examining political, economic, social, technological environments.



Government policy has potential to influence the market, specific initiatives could benefit the industry but there’s also a broader push on the part of the government to try and promote productivity, possibly resulting in more people having a better standard of living.


Factors such as increasing utilities prices and wage rates will affect the life of people. Basic needs are rising and people may need to prioritise their spending as cuts are made on their disposable income, especially in the prospect group.


Lifestyle factors such as growth in convenience foods and home entertainment have resulted in more sedimentary lifestyles, consumption levels of alcohol are rising which will performance at work.


It’s important that the population of Mauritius have up to date machines to compete with others and be productive.



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