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Asian Religions in the Usa

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Asian Religions in the USA

In this essay I will discuss the many aspects and ideals of Asian Religions along with their impact and the role they play within the United States. I had a few questions that I had to try and find answers for, in order to complete the connection of Asian Religions to the United States. Why are some Americans and westerners finding Asian Religions as well as Asian thought and philosophy to be more gratifying than traditional western religions and philosophy? How are Asian Religions perceived and practiced here in the United States as opposed to its place of origination? Finally, is there further growth of the Asian Religions as well as philosophy still possible here in the United States and the west? All of the answers to these questions will try and explain the place Asian Religions have here in the United States.

Why are some Americans finding Asian religions as well as Asian thought and philosophy to be more satisfying than traditional western religions and philosophy? One thing I might point my finger at is the expansion of religious studies within the United States. As we discussed in class, just within the past ten years the idea of religious studies (including more than just the majority religions) is just now being accepted and explored. As we have become more familiar with the many different religions that are in this world, the more we will pursue and possibly practice those religions. As the west is becoming more educated to all the different religious possibilities, I feel many people are becoming more accepting of a person who searches out these different possibilities. Technology is also a factor in the education of Asian religions. The technology we have today allows people to really explore the entire world from the tips of their fingers. Being knowledgeable that something different does exist will open your mind to different avenues. You may find a western traditional religion to be right for you, but if you are educated in many of the options you might accept the idea someone else finds your western tradition not comfortable for them.

I find many Americans searching for a higher spirituality than traditional western religions, and they can find what they are searching for in Asian religions. Alan Watts was the type of a person who refused western religions and their thinking and in his search he formed "his own hybrid spirituality a between Mahayana Buddhism and Taoism, with a certain leaning towards Vedanta and Catholicism, or rather the Orthodox Church of Eastern Europe." (Beginning a Counterculture) He is like so many Asian religion devotees here in the United States that leave traditional thinking and find themselves in the middle of Asian religions.

How are Asian religions perceived and practiced here in the United States as opposed to its place of origin? I think I was like many other uneducated Americans when it came to the pre conceived notions of Asian religions. I felt as though many of the religions were based on the idea to just find yourself through meditation. Now that I have taken this class it has opened my mind to the seriousness and the traditions these religions follow. While reading an article I found a few sentences that expressed that exact sentiment. "Many ideas from Asia are familiar even to westerners. They can be picked up from exposure to many aspects of Asian culture that have been influenced by theology and philosophy. Asian business methods, holistic medicine, martial arts, cooking, gardening, interior decorating, and yoga are just some of the activities that reflect the profound influence of Asian theology and philosophy and that have made an impact on the west. The original ideas do become distorted as they make their way into popular culture." (Asian Religions and the Western Mind) So, as you can see much of the way we think of Asian philosophy can be distorted. In the same respect I feel that sometimes the Asian religions are used here in the United States just as someone would use Yoga or the tradition of martial arts. I feel that the Asian religions are somewhat being practiced as a fad or a trend within the United States. Now, some people take these religions very seriously, but I feel others use them as a workout for stress relief, just as you would use yoga.

Another way I think westerners perceive Asian religions is as though they are only superstitions and not based on scripture, practice, and tradition. We are so familiar with our own western religions and yet so unfamiliar with eastern religions I feel many people find it hard to believe that they could be equals. Many western thinkers are very close minded and feel Asian religions are unnecessary. Here are two examples of that thinking. A book was put out in 1967 and it "summarized and assessed major religious traditions. Its evangelical readers learned that the Hindu's god is too small, and that the Buddhism's goals are beyond



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