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As Time Changes, Communication Changes.

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Essay Preview: As Time Changes, Communication Changes.

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As time changes, communication changes.

The skill of handwriting a letter had slowly went away by fast moving time, now the email had been a most preferred method of communication. There are varieties of difference in handwritten letter and email messages, still are very similar. In the Old aged, where social events were more favored, handwritten letters were valued. In today's world, email has replaced the old aged of letter writing. While there are many advantages to email, the handwritten letter is still an excellent skill for special occasions.

For example a loved one from overseas sends a message via email. The message can be viewed immediately across the globe, but a handwritten letter takes days, or weeks to reach the destination. With so many friends in India, for me the email is and great tool which could make my life easier to send massages at very moment in a friendship relation. But the handwritten letter gives them the own special feeling like seeing my own handwriting on a letter and It makes them feel someone special and honored.

In way that a handwritten letter could generate positive emotions, an email with funny smiley faces and the misspelled words can brighten a depressing day. Email makes it possible to equal to the intended message and forward the same message to many friends at one time. By way of contrast, a handwritten letter takes lots of time to make copies. Email is an easier method of making copy and passing on when in a rush. In other side, handwritten letters are highly

personal. When it comes to the point of apologizing or affirming love, the effort put forth in a handwritten message proves that the writer real needs. However, the email is extremely impersonal. There seems to be no effort in typing and emailing someone. With a unique words saying "I Love You" it just does not express the feeling of person inside. A handwritten letter would the best way for a personal message like love or the forgiveness.

In today's business world it is hard to live without using an email. When the need arises to confirm or reject a proposal, email is the fastest way to send a letter of confirmation or rejection. An impersonal email is a common way of communication for business partners. A handwritten letter would not be appropriate when addressing a firm or companies. When needing to ask a simple



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