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Article Review - Managing Versus Leading

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Essay Preview: Article Review - Managing Versus Leading

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Managing vs. Leading

1. What is the primary point of this article? What is the author trying to convey?

The author's primary point was to show the advantages and disadvantages of managing versus leading. The author points out when problems arise in a company it is typical to add more leadership when in all actuality their might be too much leadership. He promoted more of a balance between management and leadership.

2. Do you essentially agree with the author? Why or why not?

Yes, I agree with the author. As a follower, I would have more respect for a leader who could manage as well as lead a team to success. In my opinion, followers would be more willing to work and get more done in order for the entire team to succeed.

3. Describe a personal experience(s) you have had that relate to this topic.

At my current job at times there seems to be not enough management. The managers are sometimes occupied in meetings or conference calls and sometime must leave town to attend special functions about leadership. My managers are not too familiar with how much time is required for a job assigned to us and they are not familiar with the level of skill that may be required to complete the job. This causes the teams enthusiasm to be lower about completing the task that they were given in a timely manner.

4. If you had to apply the concepts of this article to your workplace and you were authorized to do so, how, specifically would you do this?

Have the leaders somewhat familiar with the job they are asking to be done. This would make the employees feel like they care. At my job they have slowly started to implement this. Having the leaders manage a little more helps them know what type of effort is involved to complete the assignments and helps in preparing the time line for project completion.



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