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Art of Story Telling

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Art of Story Telling: Story Development

10 components of story telling

Exposition is introducing detail of character, situation or event

Foreshadow is preparing the element, situation or event to do something (to indicate or suggest something, usually something unpleasant, that is going to happen)

Point of Attack is the beginning of the story with unexpected situation or extraordinary event

Inciting Incident is the first complication occurred to any character whom causes the change of the story into the direction that the script writer want. But, only one complication cannot squeeze the story development to the climax convincingly. So, the scriptwriter needs more compilations to add on.

Like sending the rocket to the moon (climax or goal), you need not only one incident, but also more fuels (complication) to the destination.

Complication is the next and later complications to all characters to bring up suspense. Complication is seasoning the story with charm and test of being movie. Complication strings story with many points of attack or incident. Sometimes only one conflict is not enough to convince the audience. Scriptwriter may need various conflicts to persuade that a particular character will cause an action to the climax (change his or her behavior).

Conflict could be conflict between characters, situation, culture, society or politic.

Discovery is making audience understand what they found out as well as character. So, audience and character will reach climax simultaneously.

Goal will reveal individual personal goal based on their own psychological motivation, as such growth, learning, experience, impression, depression, attitude, believe and mind. Therefore, each character might have their own goals.

From the Last Samurai, Egran and Tanaka initially have the different goal. Egran trains people to kill, while Tanaka fights to protect and serve his people.

Discovery is the great discovery of the whole story, not an individual character’s discovery, in order to bring the story to crisis, climax and finally conclusion.

After the captivation, Egran first finds the essence of content, calmness and mind in conjunction



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