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Symbol: As

Atomic number: 33

Atomic weight: 74.9216


Discovered Albertus Magnus 1250, a German alchemist also known as Saint Albert the great and Albert of cologne he became famous for his comperensive knowledge and coexistence of science and religion. He was conciderd to be the greatest German philosopher and theologian of the middle ages.

Word origin:

Latin arsenicum and Greek arsenikon: yellow orpiment, identified with arenikos, male, from the belief that metals were different sexes; Arabic Az-zernikh: the orpiment from Persian zerni-zar, gold

What is arsenic:

Arsenic is an extremely poisonous semi metallic element. Arsenic occurs in two solid forms: gray, metallic in appearance, with a specific gravity of 5.7 and yellow, nonmetallic, with a specific gravity of 2.0. Since ancient times, man has known arsenic. Arsenic occurs frequently in some of the sulfur in the sulfides that are the principal ores of many heavy metals. When these ores are heated, the arsenic sublimes leaving ferrous sulfide.

Some Uses:

Arsenic is used as a doping agent in solid-state devices. Gallium arsenide is used in lasers which convert electricity into coherent light. Arsenic compounds are used as insecticides and in other poisons.

Where is arsenic found?

Arsenic occurs naturally in rocks and soil, water, air, and plants and animals. It can be further released into the environment through natural activities such as volcanic action, erosion of rocks and forest fires, or through human actions. Approximately 90 percent of industrial arsenic in the U.S. is currently used as a wood preservative, but arsenic is also used in paints, dyes, metals, drugs, soaps and semi-conductors. High arsenic levels can also come from certain fertilizers and animal feeding operations. Industry practices such as copper smelting, mining and coal burning also contribute to arsenic in our environment.



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