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In my opinion I think we do need a military, not to be fighting with other countries but to train teenagers and young adults discipline and to be all they can be. Having the military also benefits us greatly by having our country secured so our army will stop those enemies that want to attack us. It is important to train the military and have new soldiers because you never know when war might happen.

The military is needed because it plays an important role in our country. It has helped us become united as one powerful nation. The military helps a lot of people, not just in our country but other third world countries too. Also, the military has changed many people who would not be who they are today without the discipline the military gave them. The military has helped teenagers who have been bad during their adolescence to change into someone with a future. The military has made huge differences to a lot of peoples' lives. It has also helped people who couldn't afford to go to college earn scholarships to go and the military is a great place to experience new things, and learn while being trained to protect our country.

If the military never existed, our life wouldn't be as they are now. Our country would just be shambles because it has been invaded so many times. I'd be surprised if we even had a country this day. There wouldn't have been any protection from other countries and they would have taken over our country. Also, the United Stated wouldn't have been able to provide other countries with food and service. The military is important in our lives because if another war should unfortunately break out, these soldiers would risk their lives to save ours.



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