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Are We Just Who We Are?

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To consider that we as humans are born with genetic directions determining who we become in my opinion are only part of the explanation. According to the article by Tom Wolf, Edward O Wilson believed that we as humans are born with genetic instruction that requires development in order to reach a predetermined mental destiny. If this were true, this would give, if anything, an excuse to those in society, who are thought to be inferior to other races as is. This idea would basically support the notion of difference beyond cultural effects. It obviously would also put other groups such as homosexuals in a position to say that they are born a certain way and simply developed their homosexual views through society.

This is what had so many different groups opposing the study according to the article. For anyone to be able to prove that there are genetic differences that make one group more or less inferior to another would be an opportunity for the human and economic majority to separate the human race even more. These supposed innate differences would be the blue print for a caste system. Just looking at America history of slavery and ethnic dominance, anyone could understand that the development of a caste system on any level would lead to a civil war on some levels. I wonder exactly what those who sponsor these studies plan to do with the information other than inform. Possibly it was a large corporation who first funded this study because they see opportunity for human control through human assignment. With this kind of situation, it would be as Huxley explained in Brave New World, mental control through predetermined beliefs and life assignments. If any race or group felt they were created for any one specific reason that seemed more or less important than another group would automatically lead to the implication of human being inferior to others. I am not sure even if it is possible how great this information would be for those who are minorities in the world. Also, what about those who are put in positioned to change their situation financially and socially? Obviously, not everyone who is born poor and so-called with little class remains in this state. Lots of different types of people from different types of poor situations rise up and create better situations for them and their families, does this idea, if true mean that those who were able to change their situation were special or smarter or different at all from those born



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