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Are Ufos for Real?

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"Base Radar at the army's 509th airfield outside the town of Roswell had been tracking strange blips all night on July 1, 1947... The blips would appear on one corner of the screen and dart across at seemingly impossible speeds for aircraft...Throughout that night and the following day, Army Intelligence stayed on high alert because something strange was going on out there...the Willmonts watched in awe as a bright oval object streaked over there house and headed into the northwest, sinking below a rise just before the horizon"(Corsco, 8,9). Does it make you wonder what that object was streaking across the sky? Why do the large complex patterns in cornfields called crop circles occur? What happened in Kecksberg, Pennsylvania that caused army and government officials to secure a rural forest and later transport a large unknown object out of it? ("The Unexplained: Extraterrestrials, A & E Networks). What is to blame for the strange sightings of unidentified flying objects, or unaccountable abductions? A great number of these strange and eerie happenings can indeed be blamed on alien and extraterrestrial life. One of the most famous supposed extraterrestrial incidents was the Roswell incident.

"In the star light of the military searchlights, Arnold saw the entire landscape of the was like no airplane he had ever seen... He angles himself as close to the split seam of the craft as he could without getting in front of the workers with hazardous material suits who where checking the site for radiation. That is when he saw them in the shadows. Little gray figures" (Corsco,14). On that July 4th evening in 1947, according to the retired Colonel, Phillip J. Corsco, he tells his story that the government recovered the unidentified craft, and found several dead alien bodies. The government military personnel even killed a surviving creature that tried to escape. Most surprisingly, they captured a living alien being. According to Col. Corsco, who worked in the research and development program for the government, one of the main reasons the government covered the story up is because the craft had technology that no one had seen. They kept it secret within the government and only between scientists and officials they knew and could trust. They did not want the technology to fall into the hands of the Russian KGB, or any spies. The consequence might have been to give one of our rivals the edge over us and lead to our defeat in future wars. The technology recovered from the crash took a long time to figure out, nearly 14 years until they truly started to make progress. Some of the technologies introduced by the alien craft were; super-tenacity fibers, fiber optics, integrated circuit chips and microprocessors, and even various types of lasers (Corsco, 35-48). Many of the alien artifacts were impossible to figure out. They were so complex and advanced. Scientists had never seen anything like them before. According to Col. Corsco, the integrated chips were to be developed and used in missile guidance systems, as well as portable government computers used to control important missile launches. The Government made agreements with companies and industries that currently helped to develop weapons technologies and gave them the information about the chips. The technology was such an enormous step forward from where they currently were with the development of computers and microprocessors. It is clear evidence that humans could not have suddenly developed this technology. The release of this information did end up revolutionizing the computers the government used, creating the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator, or ENIAC, which was a gigantic step forward in computer technology (Corsco,167, 168). This ultimately also lead to the use of higher power computers and even the first personal computers. There was also another significant new piece of technology that the government found on the aircraft, which was tied in to the mysterious animal mutations. The implement they found was a strange pencil sized object. It took them a while until they could figure out what it was used for. They discovered it was a type of light which we now know as a type of laser (however we still have no technology even close to this type of laser). The scientists had no idea how it worked, but they did find out what the implement did. It could examine the insides of creatures and animals without creating any type of perforation or holes on the outside of the animal. The insides of the animal would vaporize and do very strange things. This is what scientists then related to the mysterious farm animal mutations (Corsco35-48). There is no possibility that this technology could have been created by a human.

Another strange phenomenon related to possible extraterrestrial activity are crop circles. Crop circles are mysterious things that have yet to be explained. These formations in crops have appeared in history as far back as 1678 when a farmer reported a mowing devil created a perfectly circular pattern in his wheat crops ( Today they are becoming much more frequent occurrences. No one would claim that all crop circles are real. Recent films like "Signs," as well as a low budget film, "A Place to Stay," have most certainly contributed to a crowd of hoaxers who make crop circles. The most infamous crop circle makers announced there retirement from the crop circle world. "Until 1980, only a few isolated incidents of grain field circles had been reported, most probably the work of bored farmers. That year, two English blokes named Doug and Dave...began sneaking out at night, using boards, rope and a stake to flatten crops in ever larger circles and in other geometric designs...Doug and Dave waited until 1991 before creating a crop circle in the presence of a journalist, and then



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