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Are Aliens Real

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Many people across the planet earth can all relate to the mysteries of outer space and the possibility of other life forms existing throughout the solar systems of the galaxy. Are aliens real is a question that can be asked by anyone regardless of their age, race, religion, or creed. There has been an overwhelming amount of evidence that has been passed around by those who have claimed to come in contact with information that deals with issue. Over the years there have been a number of events that can shed some light on this issue. The question of whether or not aliens are real is a question that will always be asked until the truth is finally revealed. I am going to touch on a couple of different topics concerning this matter. This question has not yet been answered publicly by any government entity and this question has been lingering around for years.

Over the years there have been many written documents that have been accessed by the top doctor's, scientist, government officials and military personnel. There have been many people who have claimed they have witnessed those documents. Many of the people who have witnessed the information that pertains to this matter have found the results to be astonishing.

Many have stated that the public has been kept in the dark for years when it comes to information concerning this matter and issues that revolve around this matter. The Majestic documents are top secret documents that contain information that tells the story of presidential and military action, authorization, and cover-up regarding UFOs and their alien occupants.

There are many different images that also help answer the question of whether or not aliens are real. Since humans have been able to take pictures and record video there have been numerous video's and images that can shed some light on this issue. Usually when videos of this type are aired for the general public to see the government always try's to cover them up or make it appear as if it is a staged event. There have been famous videos that have been publicized that many people have found to be really shocking. The famous phoenix lights video has made headlines across the globe. That video showed seven mysterious lights that appeared in a V shape out of no where in the phoenix skyline on March thirteenth nineteen ninety seven. Many believe that the lights were UFO's from another planet. There is also another famous world trade center video that shows a UFO hovering close to the towers then make rapid movements in the air only to fly full speed at those who recorded this incident then making a ninety degree turn shooting straight up to and though the clouds. In that video it shows a UFO maneuvering and moving at speeds that are impossible when compared to the level of technology our planet possesses. There are many other video's that also contain great footage that can possibly answer the question of is aliens real. Photographers around the world have been capturing images of UFO's for years now and one thing that all or majority of the photo's have in common is that they display objects that are unexplainable.

The testimonies of various elite individuals have gave the most incite on this issue. Individuals such as William Cooper, John Lear, Robert Lazaar, Phil Schneider and others have claimed to come in direct contact with beings and technology from another planet or galaxy. So if there has been more than one incident and more than one testimony you must ask yourself do you already know the answer to the question of whether or not aliens are real. William Cooper is an Ex-Military elite who has stated numerous times that we are being lied to by the government concerning this issue. John Lear is the son of the famous Bill Lear who was the inventor of the Lear Jet. John and Bill both have countless hours of aviation experience under their belt and they both claimed they have witnesses UFO's and they also state that they have also witnessed key documents that have important details on this subject. Robert Lazaar is a very skilled physist who was recruited by the government to work at S-4. S-4 is a top secret military facility located near or around area 51which is another top secret military facility. Mr. Lazaar has stated in numerous documents that his job was to back engineer UFO's that the secret government had in their possession. Mr. Lazaar also stated that prior to working at the facility he was briefed by certain military personnel about aliens, UFO's, and the existence of other life forms from other planets. He mentioned how the personnel that briefed him made him swear



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