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Appreciation of the Poem "ode to the West Wind"

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Essay Preview: Appreciation of the Poem "ode to the West Wind"

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1. Introduction

2. Appreciation to the Ode to the West Wind

3. Conclusion


Ode to the West Wind is one of the most classical works of Shelly.The poet came up with the thought when he was walking in a forest and a strong storm seem to come soon,together with wind and hails.Under this weather Shelly thought of many things of the society.That’s how he write this poem “Ode to the West Wind”.

1. Introduction

Ode to the West Wind is a poem written by Shelley, a British Romantic poet. The whole poem consists of five sections, which are always chanted around the west wind as a symbol of revolutionary power. The first verse describes the power and function of the west wind. Line 14 points out the destroyer and the protector, which are the two themes throughout the poem. The second verse depicts the power of the west wind with clouds, rain, hail and lightning; the third verse describes the effect of the west wind on waves; the fourth verse describes the poet's feelings caused by the west wind, and the poet says to the west wind that he wishes to be taken away by the wind like dead leaves, although not as free as the uninhibited rainy wind, he can also share its fierce force. In the last verse, the poet asks the west wind to help him sweep away the twilight, spread his verse to all directions, and awaken the sleeping earth. If winter comes, will spring be far behind? Predicting the coming of revolutionary spring brings inspiration and hope to people living in darkness and predicament. The poem expresses the poet's hatred of reactionary and decadent forces, his fervent hope and firm belief that the revolution will eventually triumph and a bright future, and profoundly reveals the objective law that new things will triumph over old things. The whole poem is magnificent, magnificent and full of revolutionary Romanticism.

2. Appreciation to the Ode to the West Wind

The first section describes the west wind sweeping away the remaining leaves in the forest and blowing the seeds of life. Section II describes the west wind stirring up the dense clouds and fogs in the sky, calling for the arrival of thunderstorms and



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