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Apply to University

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To Whom It May Concern,

After my graduation form the department of Food Engineering at ЭTЬ (Istanbul Technical University), I had the chance to experience work environment in three different areas.

First, I was the general coordinator of a Media Agency, at the same time of which I was a share holder. After over writing my shares, I started to work at the sales department on a project at SEGUN Ltd. Sti. which is a franchise of TELSЭM Telecommunication. Having fulfilled the needs of the project at SEGUN Ltd. Юti., I started my present work at Pfizer Эlaclarэ Ltd. Юti. as a pharmaceutical sales representative.

Having seen the field for three hole years, I realized that I had to improve my self in the field of management and marketing. If I am going to be accepted at this program, my goals will be to enhance myself with problem solving skills and critical thinking capabilities. I think, this course will provide me with high theoretical and popular scientific backgrounds in strategic management, brand management and global marketing.

I believe, if I get the chance to study the production management and marketing program at your University, this opportunity is going to be a mile stone in my career planning. Thinking of my self completed the program and combine my new learned skills with my previous field experiences, I see my self much more capable in achieving goals, which I have had set for my self.

I hope that my goals and your expectation of myself are overlapping, and I also hope that you are going to give me the chance to be a student at Marmara University for the Fall 2004.




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