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Anorexia Nervosa

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Essay Preview: Anorexia Nervosa

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The obsession to loose weight for most teenage girls affects their lives and keeps increasing the percentage of death and victims of Anorexia Nervosa due to the high cost of treatment, lack of support, and negative influences. Every day of our lives we have different goals to achieve and proceed, but young teenagers that suffers from anorexia nervosa only have one goal and that is to be perfect, whom would do anything to be slim. Anorexics develop a mental disorder that creates a big whole in their lives. Young teens are mainly the victims, who seem to admire those who are beautiful, for example: models, actresses, and stars. Skinny models have made young teens admire them and follow their appearance, which leads them to the unexpected, Anorexia. It affects the body's nutritional status, self-esteem, and mind. It can lead to severe permanent damage and terrible health problems. This disorder is spreading all over the world and killing young women who have no control, there must be a stop to it. It is important to provide more treatment for those who can't afford it. Many young girls do not know how find the solution to the problem, they don't know how to get cured, or who to ask for help. Victims need to feel like they have the support of their family, doctors, psychologist, and others who can help them get through this terrible tragedy. Treatment for this type of disorder can be very expensive, therefore it is fair enough to receive more health care money from the government to treat and decrease victims of anorexia Nervosa.

Anorexia means lost of appetite, it allows you to stop eating, and takes away hunger. There is a major change in the way the individual looks at oneself. With Anorexia self-esteem and self worth is tied directly to the Anorexic\'s body shape and weight. For an Anorexic, weight loss is viewed as a success, a sign of extraordinary self-discipline, and control over life. Conversely, any real or perceived weight gain is seen as a personal failure and loss of control for the Anorexic. The importance of a great looking physique happens to increase in the victims mind. It is the scary feeling of gaining weight that creates such sickness. The victim regrets and hates its weight and wishes to be slimmer. Anorexia is like any drug out there, it is very addictive and it is very hard to stop doing it. Many victims don't eat for days, weeks, and in some mortal cases months. The lost of nutrition makes the victim extremely slim, depending of how often they starve. Anorexia causes severe health as well as mental problems. It is one of the hardest disorders to cure and one of the most expensive to treat. It has negatively affected many young girls because the lack of treatment and support they are not given. In the future, it can also cause health problems and even worse, death.

Victims completely change their attitude and personality, it starts with depression, sadness, and the way of thinking towards oneself. Young women have ruin their lives, because of to many negative influences including models, actresses, and women who appear good looks and body shape. These influences develop the idea that great appearance is based on having the best body size and curves. The idea seems to grow and provokes many girls to develop the symptoms. For example, looking in the mirror thinking she's fat, rejecting certain food, starving, purging, and often causing depression. These effects, later become more serious and causes the disorder to worsen. Some loose focus and forgets what is really important in life, reaching out for an education most importantly, planning for the future, and preparing for success, but anorexics think differently and loose control when all they think about is looks. It is important they learn the purpose of life, which is aiming for happiness, by being proud, satisfied, confident, and loving with oneself.

There are many consequences when it come to anorexia, the majority are health problems. It causes anemia, heart problems, week bones, hysterectomy, stomach lining problems, severe stomach pain, and much more. There are many mental problems. For example: depression moments, loss of control,low self esteem, and emotional problems. These consequences, later on in life become severe and come back and stay, for ever preventing to live a normal live, proceed with education, be independent, and sustaining healthy. Some consequences are less hurtful than others, it all depends on how far the victim takes it. In some cases, there is cure for health problems, but very few. Mostly all are very hard to ever cure. Suffering with Anorexia is not worth the cost of treatment, consequences, and permanent damage, nothing is more valuable than an individuals self and body, therefore it must be taken care off before it gets lost with Anorexia Nervosa.

Expenses and the lack of treatment for Anorexia is definitely a burden to young girls. As the cost of health care increases, therapists, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare related companies are struggling with justifying costs and keeping expenses to a minimum. Inpatient treatment of mental conditions is hard to justify. In an effort to create rationale equalization treatment expenses of eating disorders "The Center for Change" created a client cheap cost for a patient treatment program through recovery. Some clinics and hospitals reduced the cost of treatment, thanks to a few organization and programs such as (SST) and the (HPT), these association were designed for low income parents who cannot

find the way to pay, but unfortunetly its not completely free. Currently, the prices for treatment are anywhere between 40,000$-100,000$, depending on how affective inpatient's physical and mental status is. Many victims don't complete the treatment because of cost, and possibly get worse. There is hope for recovery from anorexia Nervosa and specialized treatment is the first step



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