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Anitogne Play Overview

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Essay Preview: Anitogne Play Overview

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The play Antigone is a timeless classic that will continue to be preformed throughout history. The story line is interesting and powerful. As I observed the play it became very apparent how the role of GODS played an important part of the Ancient Greek life. I noticed that a lot of the actions that the characters did were based around pleasuring the gods.

I was very impressed with the play overall. I was very surprised how much detail could be made one just one set. Not detail that was just visual, the detail that was shown to the audience through words and emotions. The viewer is taken from a battle ground to a palace in a matter of what is shown and said. I particularly enjoyed the amount of improve that was displaced by the actors. In the performance I observed there were a few unexpected incidents. There were a few that stuck in my mind such as, Antigone's shoe fell off as the palace guard was taking her to the hole and she stopped to pick it up. That is when Kreon grabbed her and screamed "stop delaying and get this filth out of here". I was very impressed on how quick the actors improvised an action that wasn't in the script.

A detail that I do not enjoy when I watch plays is the over dramatic speech that is used. Such as, Antigone and Kreon sometimes used to much dramatic speech. They would scream lines that I don't think Sophocles would of wanted. It might just be me, but I was not impressed with the tones sometimes used.

A character that I really enjoyed throughout the whole production was Kreon's guard. The guards goal throughout the play was to please the king at any price possible. Although he informed Kreon he did not choose to tell him of the actions took towards the unholy body. The guard really tryst throughout the whole play to make the king happy. There was the first time that the Guard made his appearance on stage and he retold the story of how he lost in dice and just tried to save himself. I thought it rather comical the guard was pleading for his life even though he had not done anything wrong. Overall the play was very good and the story itself was very good. I would see the play again.



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