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Animal Testing Is Justified: Rules in Animal Kingdom

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Essay Preview: Animal Testing Is Justified: Rules in Animal Kingdom

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Animal testing is justified: rules in Animal Kingdom

  1. Introduction

Animal testing uses non-human animals in scientific experiments to see if the products have bad influence on human beings. It should be allowed as our human beings usually consider things only for themselves in different ways, such as family, countryside, the future of human beings. In this case, the rights of animals may be ignored. This essay will provide some answers for these questions: Do we have rights to do animal testing? Why do we test on animals?

  1. Main body
  1. “Animals always plunder from one another “ by David, (2016)

In biosphere, every creature is thinking of how to survive. The only way to survive is to get energy, which can support its daily needs. After learning biology in high school, we know the characteristics of energy flow in ecosystems. First, energy only goes in one direction. Second, because of consumption every level of consumer will get less energy than consumer before it. Jun, (2011) Here is a picture (Pic 1) shows how energy flows in these two ways. Producers are plants, consumers are animals, and decomposers are other creatures in biosphere. [pic 1][pic 2]

In Pic 1, we can see every creature get energy from others, which means it plunder from others. What’s more, they have enough reason to do it, for survival. Animal testing is just the same thing of plunder. “Why should we treat animals in a better way than they treat other creatures?” by David, (2016).

  1. The power of king give us rights to treat animals in these ways.

The condition of plunder is you have enough power to fight with others and win. In ancient time, people were usually killed by other animals as they are too weak to survive. Later, human beings created tools to help them avoid dangers from other animals, even hunt them for food. From then on people had the ability to plunder other creatures.

Emperor Qin Shi Huang, Ying Zheng, who united China for the first time showed the rights of a king among human beings. Shan, (2010) explained the situation of Qin Shi Huang, “At that time, there were other 6 countries, all of them want to beat other countries and unit the 7 countries. However, it was Ying Zheng who did it, and ruled the whole china in a powerful way. He called his new country Qin, and called himself Qin Shi Huang, which showed he is the first emperor of China.” 

From Qin Shi Huang’s experience, plunder not only between human beings and other creature, but also exists in human beings. The kings of all seven countries wanted to expand their boundaries. Some of them might only wanted survive in the war. However, not all of them have enough power like Qin.

As a result of human beings have enough power to rule animals, our human beings became king among all the creatures, there is no creature can beat human beings. Willianmson, (2017) argued that, normally, human beings’ lives are much more important than animals’ lives. We definitely can not use human in experiments. He is right because humans’ importance just like the position of Qin Shi Huang, after other 6 countries failed in the war.

  1. We have already use our rights on animals.

The Humane Society of the United States, (201 had figured out that about ten billion different animals are killed for eating in United States in 2015. Can you image how huge is this number? Also, it is not the number of the whole world kill animals for food. Then, why can’t we use animal on testing? If we have rights to eat them, we also have rights to do test on them.



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