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Andy Charactor in Movie Phidelphia

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Essay Preview: Andy Charactor in Movie Phidelphia

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Andy has many internal and external conflicts to overcome throughout the entire movie. The biggest is having to live with aids. Andy is a lawyer for a large firm that does not know about his disease. Immediately after they had given him a raise he was fired for a mishap that someone had done to sabotage his new place in his work. Andy thinks that a man who had asked him what the lesions on his forehead were from. He thinks the man had found out they were caused by aids. That would defiantly be a major internal conflict having to deal with people not liking you because of the disease you have and cannot control.

He wanted to sue his law firm for the reason they had fired him. He tried over five lawyers and not one of them would represent him because he was gay and because he had AIDS most likely. Also the media would be a lot for someone to deal with. He then asked an old friend Joe Miller, who he had worked with previously to represent his case. He said no at first and brushed him off. Having even your own friends at least the ones you through were turn their backs on you would hurt. That would cause much unnecessary internal conflicts with yourself. Joe Miller eventually agreed to take on Andy's case.

Andy was in the library studying and as soon as the librarian figured out he had AIDS, the man suggested that he go into a private room to research. Just having AIDS alone is a major struggle but then also taking on such an enormous trial in your last days would be hard and very unhealthy.

In the end he ends up winning the trial. That same nigh he died. For the last years of Andy's like he was forced with many internal and external conflicts to overcome. It looked like in the end he felt he had accomplished something important to him and died peacefully also knowing that the people around him loved him.



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