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Analyzing the Culture of Woman Ethnics Minority

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Essay Preview: Analyzing the Culture of Woman Ethnics Minority

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Analyzing the Culture of Woman Ethnics Minority

Policing in the United States for woman and minorities has always been a touchy situation. In early policing in the U.S. diversity and equality was not even thought of. The fact of having woman and minorities on the force was considered taboo. There was no equality and plenty of racism on the police forces across America. In the last decade the culture of policing has changed drastically. Both woman and minorities can achieve equality in law enforcement in several ways.

Culture for Woman

When policing started here in the U.S. it was only a job for white men only. At this early time in police history woman was not physically strong enough which is a myth. According to Grant and Terry of the text "prior to the late 1960's hired only a few woman, restricted to separate job category of "policewoman" excluding them from many assignments, including patrol and in some departments barred them from promotion above certain rank". Later in that decade the culture began to change, female officers were assigned to patrol duty in which they were seeing some equal opportunities. Till this day many forms of discrimination still exist for woman in policing.

Culture for ethnics Backgrounds

In the 1960's African American Officers also were underrepresented by the U.S. police forces across our land. It seems that the minorities and woman pretty much went through the same struggles. Both were hire to police their own communities. The culture for minorities was no advances and do not even think about arresting a white citizen.

Hispanics and Asians were among other minorities that was discriminated against. Earlier these two nationalities were considered too short to be on the police force. So in 1976 the Latino Police Officers Association testified in California to end the height restrictions, and since then this restriction has been lifted.

Woman and Ethnics groups Achieving Equality

Woman and ethnic groups can achieve equality with Equal Employment Opportunity(EEO) and affirmative action. They can also get all the education possible so they will not be overlooked by educational standards.


In conclusion we found that woman and ethnic groups are still be discriminated against



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