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Analyzing Credibility

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Analyzing Credibility Assignment

Many of us remember September 11, 2001 as "The Day the World Changed." The interview "Giuliani Remembers 9/11" done on CNN by Larry King with Giuliani was very heartfelt but also opinionated. Although I did feel that former Mayor Giuliani said it right when he said "Sometimes it feels like yesterday". It is so true for many who had family such as I did who were greatly impacted by what happened.

Larry King has been recognized as one of the premier broadcast interviewers, for that he has won many awards. I have always felt that Larry King is a very heartfelt and true person. Although some of the people he has interviewed I do not see as credible, I feel that he is without a doubt credible. As far as him being bias to the attacks on the World Trade Centers, I feel that we as a nation are bias. It after all was not only an attack on the World Trade Centers; it was an attack on our nation.

Since times are hard for many in our nation, Progressive plays into the desire that everyone wants to save money. They do this by claiming that Progressive can save you (the consumer) money by comparing your direct rate with other top companies. So basically Progressive targets the existing fear that consumers have with trying to save money, and creates a desire for consumers to look into buying car insurance with their company, with the idea that it will save them money. The commercial "Piggy" definitely describes the common situation that we are all looking to save a little money, so why not start with car insurance. No matter how funny their commercials are, I remain true to the insurance company that I have been with for 14 years.

As far as creating this news clip and/or commercial it was CNN who paid Larry King to do the interview with former Mayor Giuliani, and the Progressive commercial was paid for by the Progressive Company. Former Mayor Giuliani had many opinions but one of which that stood out was when he said "that he suspects we will get attacked again." Even though it is an opinion, that we as a nation hope does not happen again, we need to be prepared and not wait until it is too late. As for Progressive it is their opinion that you can save money with their company over other top rated companies.

I feel that both the news clip and the commercial reflect our society as a



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