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An Individual's View on Marketing

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Essay Preview: An Individual's View on Marketing

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An Individual's View on Marketing

Do you remember when you were a kid and you wanted that Barbie that just came out or that RC car (remote control car) or even that brand new boom box you saw? Then, do you remember asking your mom or dad for it and then he or she said no? Did it discourage you from asking him or her again just because they had said no the first time? No it did not. You sold your idea to him or her, you gave the insight on why this toy was the wisest thing they could ever do for you. By the time you were done giving all your reasons on why you should have it you started believing the "advertising" you were selling them. Then he or she gave you that pause when you were done with your plea, which is human reaction for processing and thinking "what if" they gave into your way. This process could be considered "marketing".

Unless you are God himself, the whole world does not know who you are, what you are, or what you have to offer. Marketing is the actual process of promoting and selling a product or a service. What separates the big name companies from the little companies? Marketing does. Bigger companies have more funds that actually go into promoting their name. They are investing money in marketing, they do not directly see the money returning from this process but when they get more customers after an advertising campaign they know it was because of the marketing they did. I think of all the different type of advertising and its unbelievable the amount of money that is spent on advertising. Companies get bigger cash out from doing this. The juice is worth the squeeze. Advertising in most cases is very successful for marketers.

In order for you to be considering spending money for a particular product or service, you first have to have an idea of who you are dealing with. A name like Burger King pretty much lets you know what this company is about what you will be getting from them however; when you get a name like Subway you might think what the heck that is selling. Of course we know what it is, but the first time you heard about it what did you think? This is when advertising comes in. Advertising goes hand in hand with marketing. You can't do one without it bleeding over to the other one. You see advertising in magazines, games, books, radio, flyers, coupons, newspapers even on the internet.

There also is an event that occurs once a year that gives marketers leverage. Millions of viewers watch football, so when the Super Bowl airs it's a big deal. With the Super Bowl playing on television, that gives companies the ability to place an advertisement on commercials during the game. The marketers know that there will be millions of people viewing the game, so this is the greatest opportunity for the market. This is probably one of the biggest successful market choices. A Miller commercial during the game, well that will definitely grab



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