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An Inconvenient Truth

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We have experienced a lot of changes lately: huge floods due to stronger typhoons, and noticeable changes in our weather from too much heat during daytime and sudden rain in the afternoon. Based on what I have seen in the movie, "An Inconvenient Truth", we are already experiencing the effect of global warming and this is very alarming.

I am very sure that we will never forget this particular tragedy happened on 2009. Many properties were damaged and many lives were lost as typhoon "Ondoy" hit the country. We lived in San Mateo, Rizal, one of those towns that were adversely affected by typhoon "Ondoy" and our family was one of the victims. Aside from that "Ondoy" incident, similar ones also happened all over the Philippines, wherein a lot of people were affected because of landslides.

I kept asking myself, "Why is this happening to us?" I have read a lot of criticism articles from newspapers and have heard comments from the radio and television. All of them are condemning the indiscriminate cutting of trees by big as well as small scale illegal loggers and the damages brought about by irresponsible mining companies. Although I understand that there are existing laws concerning these violations, I haven't remembered anyone who was punished of such. We have laws but those who are responsible for the implementation of these regulations are not doing their duties to the best of their abilities. Why? Is it because they are afraid to execute the law, for the owners of these companies are influential people or the so-called "untouchables?" Or is it because our law makers are benefitting from them, that's why they are hesitant to do what is right?

After watching the movie, I have realized that I should not only put the blame on other people but also on myself. Real and genuine change starts with me and with us. Simple things like proper disposal of garbage, buying energy efficient appliances and devices, walking or

The documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" is all about Global warming. Al Gore explained it clearly and very reasonably.

As to my reaction, this documentary makes a big disturbance in my mind due to what I have seen and what I have heard. I have realized that Global Warming is to powerful that it can make the giant glaciers melt in just half a week or in just a day but that is not the only consequence of the Global warming. As Al Gore said, it was very astonishingly that neither every living things nor the non-living thing in the Earth experience the enormous changes in our natural world.

Let me explain the Global warming very shortly so that as you read



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