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American Similarties to Rome

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American civilization could possible end up like the Roman Empire. The Romans did many of the same things that we are doing today right before they fell. We are probably not going to fall but we are not the best we could be. We should change our habits before they become worse.

The Romans did many things that led to their destruction. They ruined their morals by focusing on the moment and not worrying about the future. They stole jobs by bringing in slaves to work at latifundias which caused homelessness which lowered public health and caused crime to go up. Bringing in slaves also made them not need to advance in technology which caused other nations to advance farther then the Romans. They also "sold" the seat of emperor to highest bidder.

In America we do many things that greatly need improving. We ignore major health risks such as AIDs, obesity, health care, nuclear wastes, and illegal drugs. We dump toxic waste in our environment, sprawl like crazy, and fill our televisions with violence and sexual content. We spend millions of dollars and kill thousands of lives from our own country in war and "conflicts." We drop huge bombs that kill hundreds of innocence people.

In both nations there are a lot of similarities. They both have political corruption such as selling the emperor or giving high positions of power to people that have a personal relationship with a higher power. They also share a high unemployment rate whether it is because of outsourcing or slave labor. They both spend lots of money on the military because of unprotected borders or threats.

America clearly does have some faults but most of them can and hopefully will be solved. It would be very hard for someone to take over America because we are a strong nation that still has some order in it. If America ever does fall it will probably be because a large natural disaster. But on the other hand the Romans probably thought that they would never fall when they fell. So no one really knows.



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