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American Sexual Behavior Aids

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In the American sexual behavior AIDS has become a deadly and infectious disease mostly transmitted through the bloodstream with tainted blood products, sexual intercourse and sharing of needles during illegal drug use. With the precautions taken in recent history the transmission of this infectious disease mostly through unprotected sexual intercourse or sharing of needles with someone who is HIV positive. The best way to prevent transmission of this disease is to protect ourselves properly. At times it is hard to protect ourselves due to the length of time it takes to detect this disease. Most infected people do not know that they are infected with HIV. Since the mid-1980's over 90% of the public know that HIV is spread through sexual intercourse and know that AIDS generally has grown. With the knowledge abot the role sexual intercourse transmitting the disease, we ask this specific question " Has behavior been modified with the knowledge of the risk of infection?" Reported changes in sexual behavior has been studied by asking people if they have changed their sexual behavior with the knowledge of AIDS and have they taken steps to prevent AIDS. Studies in early 1986-87 showed that only 7-11% of adults reported change in their behavior. Recent studies pertaining to sexual orientation, extra-marital relations and abstinence show that people at risk is lower then in the beginning. This study was supported directly by a 1987 Gallup poll wher 68% reprted they have not changed their sexual behavior because they were not at risk. Low-level behavioral changes among married (3-12%) compared to non-married 917.5-51%) shows a lower level of risky behavior. There have been more changes reproted by higher risk groups like younger adults and African-Americans. Reported behavioral change because of concerns abour AIDS, 45-50% reduced the number of sexual partners, 20-35% use condoms, 17-30% have less sex or abstain, 10-30% are restricting their partners to only people they know well and less the 10% stae they have stopped having sex with bi-sexual men of injection drug users (only women asked). Recent reports of sexual behavioral changes has risen a little over time, indicating that risky behaviors are increasingly being changed. More people are taking better precautions to avoid AIDS. Most of these questions have not been asked after 1993 and it is unknown if this trend continues.



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