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American Healthcare Policy

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Healthcare has become one of the most talked about amendments to law. Every citizen of the United States must have some type of health coverage taking affect in 2015. President Obama put a healthcare bill into effect that stated every individual must have some sort of health coverage for each individual of each family. If this law wasn't carried out by the citizens the individual or family could be fined at the beginning of the year when they filed taxes. Health care is now a huge part of our lives and there is no way to avoiding either purchasing coverage or being fined unless the income in the household wasn't enough to provide for everyone as well as coverage, but there are other programs for people like this such as medicaid and Medicare. Some this law has been placed into order it's still said that 44 million individual in the world still don't have coverage and 38 million individuals don't have enough coverage. ( The monthly payments for the forced Obama care as well as the deductibles for this can be ridiculous and expensive for any individual and the fine at the beginning of the year may be cheaper than just trying to find adequate affordable coverage. Although there isn't a clear understanding of constitutional right for healthcare in the constitution in Article I, section 8, clause #1 it states that the constitution gives congress the power to to collect taxes, duties, imposts and excuses, pay debt and provide common defense and general welfare of the United States but shall be uniform through the United States. A recent article I read titled health care "trump hits republicans on Obamacare repeal, pushes focus on tax reform." The main reason for this article is to express the effort trump is putting in to appeal the Obamacare healthcare overage that's been put into affect. Every attempt he has made has failed this far but keeping Obamacare will be a chose of the individual but I can be replaced but time is running to short to appeal the Obamacare.



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