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Alternative Energy Sources

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Some scientists estimate that there are about 800 billion barrels of oil remaining. The current oil consumption is 76 million barrels per day. It looks like planet Earth has has oil for about 10,000 days, i.e. about 27 years, assuming that consumption does not increase. If consumption increases an average 5% a year, then we have oil for only about 15 years. The real issue is when will production of oil be insufficient to cover demand? That largely depends on demand, not on reserves. But today, the world is approaching what geologists call "peak oil", the point at which daily demand will exceed supply. When this happens Ð'- the prices of crude oil could go well higher than $100 per barrel. (Oil Reserves, Production and Consumption).

I think that the government of all developed nations should come together and more research needs to be done in the area of alternative fuels, such as methanol, natural gas, electricity, and propane because of their lower emission of toxic fumes into the atmosphere.

In the immediate future, the transition away from oil will no longer be a question of if or even when Ð'- the big question soon will be how. All the nations favor some form of alternatives that are clean, green, and economically viable Ð'- such as some forms of bio-fuels, efficiency (and fuel economy) improvements, solar, wind, and mass transit.

Recently an important bill has been passed by the U.S government .The Energy bill, which passed in December, includes a historic increase in fuel efficiency requirements for the nation's automobiles, requiring a 40 percent increase to a fleet-wide, industry average of 35 miles per gallon by 2020. The bill will require 36 billion gallons of bio-fuels, basically corn-based ethanol, by 2022, which is more than five times the current level. The bill also requires dramatic increases in the efficiency of the nation's appliances, including freezers, dishwashers, refrigerators, washers and dryers. It also requires the phase-out of traditional light bulbs. (House Passes Energy Bill)

In conclusion, I would say that all the nations should actively participate and give more attention in the area concerning alternative energy sources.

One of the opposition point to this issue is that some US Geological Survey scientists estimate that the amount of oil that is still to be found at about



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