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All in one

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I am writing this letter to you Mr. Governor about the New Jersey policy on the Death Penalty. I understand that this state has not executed anyone since 1976 and it was reinstated 1982. To this day we have not had any outstanding criminal murderer put to death. Instead this state decides to give a convicted child molester and child murderer more days to live. Jesse Timmendequas is a man who does not deserve to live. I am sure the other thirteen we have on death row and the four that ran out of appeals are just as guilty of the crimes they are convicted of.

The argument of what if they are not guilty I really don't see being the biggest problem. It has been years since their incarceration and no one has found anything to disprove the court's decision. What will another few years bring? More than likely it will be nothing. Even if evidence was found, how willing are the courts to say, "we made a mistake." I wouldn't think they would be too anxious about it and might just let them rot in a prison. One mistake will lead to other mistakes and before one can even figure out what's happening it has escalated into the courts never being right. Maybe what needs to be focused on is the quality of the trial and not the life of a person who cares nothing for the life or innocence of a little girl.

I also want to talk about appeals. More specifically, why do we have so many? I am not going to pretend I understand the way the courts are run but when I hear that it takes ten, fifteen years just to have them run out of appeals that makes me concerned. Why do we have to pay for pointless appeals? I agree with giving them a chance for an appeal, but after so many why would the next one make a difference other than postponing the execution?

I would like to thank you for reading my thoughts on the subject of the Death Penalty. Hopefully you can find the time to reply and give me your thoughts on the subject. Thank you again Mr. Governor.



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