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All Quiet on the Western Front

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Throughout history, there has always been wars. Whether it was about pride, money, or territories, they all have one thing in common. All the soldiers in these wars have taken on characteristics of animals. "Only by doing so can a soldier survive. This is true in any war situation."1 They become vicious, braver, protective, develop better senses, and after the war, they do not want to remember what happened in the battle field.

Animals are vicious. Animals have to be vicious to survive. They have to be vicious to be able to protect themselves from other animals, their enemies, and predators. Soldiers, like animals, also become vicious. They take this attitude to be able to survive. "No longer can we lie helpless, waiting, we can be vicious and destroy and kill like animals, to save ourselves..."2 They have to mask themselves with this attitude and cover their original attitude to be able to handle and deal with the situation. Soldiers become vicious to perform their job correctly, which is to kill the other soldiers on the opposite side of the battlefield, the "enemy."

Animals, like soldiers, have to be brave and fearless. They are brave in order to survive in the wild. They have to be fearless, not afraid of anything or anyone. Soldiers have to also be brave and fearless. "To win a war, you not only have to beat the other side, you have to be brave, courageous, and willing to sacrifice something for the cause."3 Soldiers can not get scared even with the loudest explosions. "Hurry up, don't be afraid of the bangs. It doesn't take long to replace these barb wires."4 They have to set examples for other soldiers, specifically the young recruits. These soldiers have to be brave to protect themselves and their company.

"Be brave men, this will all be over soon. Protect yourself and your neighbor from the barrage."5

Animals are very protective. They tightly protect themselves and their family. They will do whatever it takes to draw the enemy away.



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