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All Hail the Queen by Tamara Winfrey Harris

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Essay Preview: All Hail the Queen by Tamara Winfrey Harris

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Summary Of “All Hail The Queen”

In the article “All Hail the Queen” by Tamara Winfrey Harris published on May 20, 2013. Tamara Winfrey Harris discusses Beyoncé and the pieces of her feminism. She reasons against those that say she can’t be a female activist because “Turns out, booty shaking and imprinting your husband’s last name on a product of your own creativity makes a lot of folks question your feminist values.”. Harris makes many great remarks about Beyoncé being in a lose-lose circumstance due to her nationality and celebrity standing. This article raised consciousness in my own verdict of not just Beyoncé, but other superstar feminists as well. It is not always easy for me to remember that being in control of your own sexuality and deciding to dress in a way that makes you feel attractive is not always worshiping to the patriarchy. If Beyoncé or anyone else elects to dress in a manner that happens to agree with what most of the orthodox male population finds sexy, that doesn’t find the middle ground for their independence or feminism. The important thing is the choice. When you get a sense like there is no choice, that’s when the patriarchy won. Likewise, she brought up other leaders or portrayed role models of feminism such as Madonna and Taylor Swift. Both of white complexion. Even though they both show the passion of feminism but turn down the idea of themselves being feminist. They all say that they believe in equality between men and women which results into feminism. Harris did an acceptable job bringing the subject of ethnicity. Beyoncé would eventually go on to send shots at other black women for not being able get a white man. Which doesn’t show equality through women itself; female is the root word of feminism. Also, as well as getting an understanding from CNN aired segments for the controversy of whether black religiousness or single motherhood is to be the responsibility for flourishing black female singleness. Feminism is a growing topic or occurrence that is taking place around us. Feminism gets more attention as the days go on because of the events that goes around us involving inequality between women and their place in certain areas in the world. As Beyoncé is one of women “leaders” when it come down to women equality. She doesn’t show that awareness that most female icons do. She’s usually more public when it came down to these types of topics because if I’m not mistaken, she made a song a couple of years ago saying about girls “running the world” back in 2011. Which means she was a part of the movement or program. Beyoncé used her trip at Super Bowl XLVII to make a statement, it was giving a “wave of feminist philosophy entrenched in knowledge that women own their own bodies”. Which is entirely true, but many can believe that this is one example and a bad way to express women equality and freedom.



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