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All About Eve

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Essay Preview: All About Eve

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All About Eve

Eve's ruthlessness and skilled deception put Margo into a tailspin of despair and ultimately launched her acting career. Throughout the movie, Eve idolized and secretly undermined Margo; in everything from acting to her true love. Eve eventually becomes a known actor, much to Margo's disgust. The movie All About Eve was directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz in 1950. During this movie, Eve plays a fan od Nargo Channings and as she gets in well with her, starts meeting people in the acting business and launches her career. Margo Channing, another one of the main characters such as Eve, is the famous actor that Eve supposedly is the biggest fan of and comes to all her plays. When thinking of Eve's actions, two words come to mind; ruthless and naive. Ruthless is explained by the dictionary as having no compassion, pity, or merciless. This description fit Eve to the T. Naive, on the other hand, is explained as lacking worldly experience and understanding. During the entire film, Margo was a perfect example of being naive, as equally was Bill. Eve used people's naivete during the movie to move her up in the acting world. These acts, such as her holding a party for Bill and when she made the long distance phone call to Bill to wish him a happy birthday, show the character in which Eve is. Bill is Margo's love interest throughout the movie and Eve tries undermining that as well. All that Eve obtained was through dishonest, undermining ways. Margo's extreme naivete, along with the naivete of Bill, helped Eve earn a spot on the acting scene. While Eve may have made it to the spotlight, her career will be short lived because of her dishonest means of promotion.

Eve, conniving her way into the inner circle of acting friends, used her skills of deceit to launch her career in the acting business. Throughout the movie there are many instances in which she was ruthless and backstabbing. After she met Margo Charming, her idol, she lied and deceived people to build the perfect image she wanted people to see her as. Her first instance of lying was when she claimed to have been at every one of Margo's shows. These shows that she claimed to be at were San Francisco and New York. She also had planned a party for Bill's birthday without telling Margo, as well as her setting up a long distance phone call with Bill the night of his birthday. This shows her over interest in Bill and lack of respect for Margo because she doesn't fore warn Margo of any of this. This was merely a false tale that allowed her to get backstage; once backstage her new face came on. Eve's ruthless ways continued through the entire movie.

Eve's ruthless nature didn't stop



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