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Alexander Hamilton

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Alexander Hamilton is one of our greatest Founding Fathers. He has helped America grow into the great nation it is today.

Alexander Hamilton was born on a small island in the Caribbean called Nevis, in the British West Indies, in 1755. Alexander Hamilton was the second son of an unsuccessful Scottish merchant, James Hamilton. Alexander's mother, Rachel Fawcette Levian, was the daughter of a French Huguenot physician and planter. In 1765, the Hamiltons left Nevis and moved to the Danish island of St. Croix. Soon after, James Hamilton left the family. To support her family Alexander's mother opened a store that sold food and household articles. When Alexander's mother passed away he kept the books for a man named Nicholas Crueger firm and became very skilled with words and numbers. The governor of the island sent Alexander to King's College because of his reputation at the firm.

Alexander excelled at school, but when the Revolution came he enlisted into the Army and soon rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. During the Revolution he was commander of an artillery detachment. He was so talented at his job as the commander of the artillery was he that General Washington decided that Hamilton should be his assistant. After the war Hamilton represented New York, as a Federalist at the Constitutional Convention where he vigorously supported the Constitution and was one of its signers. When George Washington became the first president, he named Hamilton the Secretary of the Treasury. Alexander's skill in finance saved the young nation from bankruptcy and eliminated the huge national debt to France. He did this by eliminating the state currencies and established a national one acceptable to America's creditors. After Washington's first term Hamilton decided to resign and practice law.

In 1800, Alexander Hamilton was campaigning for Thomas Jefferson for president. At the end of the election Hamilton was angry that Aaron Burr had become Vice President so Alexander wrote articles criticizing Burr's political choices. Aaron Burr decided that his honor had been offended so he demanded a duel and Hamilton accepted. At the duel Hamilton was mortally wounded and died soon after.

Alexander Hamilton was considered a great Founding Father and a genius who saved his country from financial disaster. A grateful nation honored Hamilton's memory by imprinting his portrait



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