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Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was born on March 14th, 1879 in Ulm, Wurttemberg, Germany. Albert began is schooling at a school in Munich, Germany in 1886. After only two years he entered the Luitpold Gymnasium. Then in 1891 he started to study mathematics, mainly calculus. In 1894 Albert's family moved away from him to Milan while he stayed in Munich for studies. A year later Einstein failed his examination that would have allowed him to study as an electrical engineer at Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule in Zurich, Germany. After failing Albert attended secondary school at Aarau planning to transfer to Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule in Zurich. During his stay at Aarau he wrote an essay that had his future plans all written out, it said that he wanted to be a teacher of natural sciences after his graduation. After graduating in 1900 as a teacher os mathematics and physics and by mid 1901 Albert had a temporary job teaching mathematics at the Technical High School in Winterthur, Germany. Later from 1902 to 1909 he worked in a patent office and in 1906 he was promoted to technical expert second class. While Albert was in Bern he completed an enormous amount of theoretical physics publications, they were all written on his free time with not one cent earned or any public notice. In 1905 Einstein earned a doctrine from the University of Zurich for a thesis on a new determination of molecular dimensions. In 1905 Einstein wrote three papers examining the phenomenon's discovered by Max Planck. The first deals with

electromagnetic energy seemed to be emitted from radiation in small quantities. Second paper dealt with the theory of relativity, is based on a new version of the old theory of relativity, it said the laws of physics had to have the same form in any frame of reference. Albert assumed that the speed of light remained constant in all frames of reference just like Maxwell's theory. The third book talked about statistical mechanics. In 1905 while he was working he made very important contributions to the quantum theory. In 1908 Albert became a teacher of physics at the University of Zurich, Germany after quitting his other two jobs. In 1921 Einstein came to America for the first time to raise funds for a Hebrew University of Jerusalem, He also received the Barnard Medal during his visit and gave lectures on relativity many



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