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Albanian History

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Christian background of azrbaijanis dates back to early period of its introduction in caucasioan albania (ühich emerged in 4th century)

Christianity was declared to be state religion in albania in 4th century but propaganda started in 1th century

First church was founded by eliseus

The church in kish shaki is the mother of other churches- it was first in all southern caucasus

All architectures on the left bank of kur river testifiy development in political, economic anf cultural terms

Amaras church in khojavand –after the capital moved in 5 th century

In javanshur and vacaqans period the instructions intensified

The conquest of albania by arabs put end its existence and majoroty of albanians accepted islam except highlinds

In saci salari atabeys sefevis periods these christians could restore their entities like sunik 5 malikates Tatev cloister is the symbol of rising sunik entity

Ganjasar saint jacob khatiravang are the evidence of rise of khacin entity (ruked by hasan jalal)

The development of christian albanian architecture suspended in 15 th century and started to develop after 17 th centuet

15th century khacin entity divided into –khacin varanda dizaq gukustan chilaburt

16th these malikates became part of garabagh baylarbaylik

16th century these baylarbaylik together with cuxursad and sirvan iravan tabriz were included onto nadir shahs empire as united baylarbaylik called axzerbaijan

and gulustan treaty changed the destiny of garabag aolbanians

1836- document” on administration of armenian gregorian church”—acording to thos act, Tatev CLOISTER ADDED TO ERIVAN DIOCESE so this act became the first step in creeping expansion which ended with the inclusion of the west part of zangazur,in armenia in 1920

after adoption of 1836 act, assimilation of albanians in this territory expanded



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