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Against Legalizing Marijuana

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Essay Preview: Against Legalizing Marijuana

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You know it as grass, tea, or chronic. Maybe even reefer, herb, or ganja. Someone you know has probably experienced it. Even more people want try it. What is it; marijuana. So what is all the big fuss about? Legalization, that's what. I for one am positively against Marijuana being legal.

For one, why should Marijuana be legal? Medical researches are quick to point out their research on the benefits of this substance, especially with the prescribing of Marinol for cancer patients. But, according to the Institute of Medicine, "the data on the adverse effects of marijuana are more extensive than the data on its effectiveness". Is it really worth one of your loved ones lives if they are prescribed/directed to use this stuff? I think not, but if your scratching your head on the subject; maybe I should give you a little insight on Marijuana.

To state the second obvious, Marijuana is very harmful. It has an extensive list of long term effects include damage to the lungs, respiratory and reproductive systems, cancer, short term memory lose, amotivational syndrome, flash backs and many more. Even death if your not conscious. One joint is equal to the amount of 2 cigarettes, and 1 puff is equal to 20 times more carcinogens then tobacco, according to the "everybody wants to be popular" video. Basically, if you take one puff, your soaking up the effects 1/2 to a whole pack of cigarettes. Sounds dangerously enough? If you smoke marijuana you have a 2.5 percent chance of being diagnosed with cancer, and when you receive it, there is no turning back at all. Cancer is the number one cause of deaths in the United States. Marijuana can also lead to serious head and neck tumors, which can also be fatal and often result in fatalities. Other important facts provided by the video. Is legalizing it really worth losing more lives then we are already are to murder crimes?

To say thirdly, why give people in society the opportunity to kill themselves unsuspectingly? That is all they are during if experiencing marijuana in any illegal form. Sure, a lot of people say it is a persons right to choose what they want to do and how they want to do it. But, what if you were on the other end of the stick. Certain individuals get hooked on this drug psychologically because they maybe going through some things in life and next thing you know; they are in the hospital suffering from near death experiences. Why push



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