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African American Women

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From Africa to America, African American women have embraced the spirit of creativity and survival. For years the black woman has been the backbone of our culture. It was our faith and positive spirits that played a great part in surviving slavery and being treated as second class citizens during the Civil Rights Movement. Now as we enter the 21st century, it is time to exert our strengths at a new level. The African American woman's role is to grow and prosper in business, support and be active in her community, maintain a strong family foundation, be spiritually grounded and to emend our health.

Black women entering the 21st century have surpassed boundaries and developed legacies in business fields such as architecture, theatre, finance, politics, education, and medicine. For example Oprah Winfery is on the wealthiest persons in the world, and is using her wealth in a positive way. Generations ago, our faces were only seen publicly in a negative light, now we have overcome the hardships and are finally being recognized for our excellence. It is also the role of a black woman to help voice opinions of our communities through politics. We are so quick to complain of the white man's injustice while we sit at home and allow our people to be overlooked. The 21st century is our opportunity to step out and show what we are all about in the business and the political world.

In our past it has always been the role of a woman to be the nurturing and advice giving source of the household. It is the duty of an African American woman in the 21st century to use that power to her advantage. Influence our youth by reinstituting the importance of faith and good moral values. It is our job to go to schools and stress the importance of higher education to our young black children. Many of our youth are giving up because of barriers holding them back. Young black women should not submit to peer pressure just to fit in with the crowd. It is not cool to be pregnant in high school, or get into "fights" or "be loud" whenever you go out. African American women of this century have to "walk the talk," staying focused on being a lady and demanding the respect we deserve.

It is crucial that the African American women of the 21st century take responsibility for our health. Too many illnesses have become flashing threats to our people, such as diabetes, Aids and heart conditions. Black



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